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Gov. Perry Joins Baylor Healthcare System in Announcing New Cancer Center

Location: Dallas, TX

Center will provide cancer-related services to north Texas

*Note - Gov. Perry frequently departs from prepared remarks.

Gov. Perrry joins Baylor Healthcare System in announcing new cancer center.

Thank you, Albert [Black, BHCS board member] for that kind introduction and for your investment in this world-class organization.

This gathering is another manifestation of the can-do spirit that has carried our state through the turmoil surrounding our experience with Hurricane Ike. Just as Texans have stepped up to help their neighbors in our devastated coastal areas, so are you stepping up to help your fellow human beings. You may not be plucking somebody off a roof with a helicopter, but you are extending the same sort of lifeline, the same sort of hope, that our state extended to the people most affected by Ike.

I am pleased and proud to be here today with a group of people who are giving so much of their lives to one of the great causes of our time, discovering a cure for cancer, and treating those whose lives it has invaded. This facility will be an essential part of our statewide effort to eradicate this indiscriminate killer…and it's a big effort.

As you know, the citizens of our state enthusiastically approved Proposition 15 earlier this year, authorizing $300 million per year in bonds to fund research. Over ten years, that buys a lot of test tubes and white coats.

It won't buy a lot of buildings, though, because the legislation limits infrastructure improvements to ten percent. But that wise limitation points to the results-oriented approach we're taking. That limitation also acknowledges the fact that Texans are the kind of people who will contribute to building those necessary buildings.

Because we're targeting a cure, we want to be nimble with the allocation of those funds…able to adjust to research breakthroughs, and adopt advances in treatment, moving ever forward in the quickest, most effective way possible.

Because our state is blessed with such a great pool of intelligence, experience and vision, we made sure that the bond dollars can only be used if they are accompanied by a 50% match from another entity. This not only provides a means of validating an approach—if smart people won't put their own money in it, is it really a great idea?
—but it also knits together our medical research community with our state funding sources and commercial enterprises, forming a much more powerful impact than anything any of us could create alone.

I look forward to that team effort, and I am encouraged by the Baylor Healthcare System's willingness to put real dollars into this effort, to create a center of excellence here in North Texas. This building was on the drawing board long before Proposition 15 went to a vote, but it will be a key part of our state's growing significance in the world of biotechnology and the cures it creates.

In fact, earlier this year, a group named Fierce BioTech identified Texas as one of the top five regions in the country for biotechnology development, specifically because of our Prop 15 investment. As that awareness continues to grow, it will draw even more investment and involvement in our collaborative environment of exploration, discovery, and innovation.

Combine those resources with the tort reform has made our state one of the best places to practice medicine and be in business, and you end up with a magnetic pull that will attract more experts, more investment and, ultimately, more life-saving ideas.

Our momentum is leading us to the point where brilliant ideas in cancer research will go from insight…to design…to testing…to production…all within the borders of our state.

Accelerated by efforts like this wonderful new center, we're moving closer to a cure and the end of cancer's deadly role in our society, in our healthcare system, and in our personal lives.

So, thanks to all of you for joining the fight, for committing to the vision revealed here today, for investing in a future where cancer is no longer a threat, but a dim memory from a darker time.

May God bless you and this noble effort and may He continue to bless the great state of Texas.

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