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Good Energy Bill Needed

Location: Washington, DC

GOOD ENERGY BILL NEEDED -- (House of Representatives - September 18, 2008)

Mr. CARTER. Madam Speaker, we have got an investment crisis that seems to be rising and the talking heads were on television last night talking about it. Most everyone agreed that we needed a long-term plan that our investing community could look to as we grow our economy. It needs to be long-term and it needs to have solutions. Part of that was an energy plan, a plan you could rely upon.

I heard an environmentalist this morning say we need to go to alternative fuels, but we need a transition with carbon-based fuels. Yet we passed an energy plan which purports to have drilling for these necessary oil and gas resources, but there is still in place the availability of radical environmentalists to stop all drilling by filing lawsuits. They have declared 80 percent-plus of the areas off-limits to drilling, and they have set up kind of ``gotchas'' that will prevent the rest of that drilling.

We need a good energy plan.

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