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Asking for An Up-or-Down Vote On All-of-the-Above Energy Plan

Location: Washington, DC

ASKING FOR AN UP-OR-DOWN VOTE ON ALL-OF-THE-ABOVE ENERGY PLAN -- (House of Representatives - September 09, 2008)

Mr. CARTER. Mr. Speaker, when you sit here and listen to what's been talked about, you wonder who's in charge of this House of Representatives. Well, the Democratic Party is in charge of this House of Representatives. They have the majority.

We have heard today that the Republicans blocked the Democrats' plan. How did that happen? Democrats have the majority. It must have been some of the folks on their side of the aisle thought their plan wasn't very good or else they would have passed their plan. They can pass anything they want to. The majority rules in this House.

But the reality is those things that were brought forward were brought forward without any input from the Republican side at all.

Now we hear we are going to get an energy plan today. I would be willing to bet my whole life that there is not one person who has checked with our committee chairman or anybody else. This plan is Nancy Pelosi's plan written while she was on vacation selling her book, and she has come back to deliver it to us, take it or leave it. No wonder the Republicans wonder what in the heck is going on on energy.

We ask for an up-or-down vote on the all-of-the-above energy plan that has been discussed for the last 5 weeks.

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