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Memo to John Boccieri: Even George McGovern Thinks Card Check Is A Bad Idea For Workers

Press Release

Location: Canton, OH

John Boccieri might think the Employee Free Choice Act (commonly known as Card Check) is a good idea, but prominent members in his own party don't agree.

George McGovern, former Democratic presidential nominee and a strong supporter of labor unions, has said in a television ad, "Today's union leaders are turning their backs on democratic workplace elections."

Currently, if a significant proportion of a company's employees sign authorization cards seeking union representation a labor organization can petition the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold an election — an election that is conducted by a secret ballot and overseen by neutral federal regulators.

That all would change under the bill that Boccieri supports. It would allow unions to seek certification without a private vote once a majority of targeted employees have signed cards. They may also seek a government-imposed labor contract on wages, benefits and working conditions.

That's why Kirk Schuring, Republican candidate for the 16th Congressional District seat, opposes this poorly named EFCA.

"All American employees ought to have the right to a secret ballot. Our democracy is rooted in the privacy of our vote," Schuring said.

McGovern added, "I've listened to all the arguments … quite simply, this proposed law cannot be justified. Working families deserve a voice and a private vote."

"Not many people are talking about the fact that John Boccieri would take away the secret ballot of millions of Americans. His support for card check legislation flies in the face of workers' rights," said Schuring Campaign Manager PJ Wenzel.

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