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Schuring Tells McKinley Students Future Is Bright and American Spirit is Strong


Location: Canton, OH

Schuring Tells McKinley Students Future Is Bright and American Spirit is Strong

State Sen. Kirk Schuring told a group of several hundred Canton McKinley High School students that America has a bright future despite its many challenges.

"I am running for Congress so that you can realize your hopes and dreams. This nation is worried and frustrated, but that translates into passion and a reason for hope," Schuring said during an eight-question forum prepared by McKinley Student Council leaders Thursday morning.

"We can do great things. We don't work hard enough to save jobs. As your congressman I will work to create economic empowerment zones that helps save and create jobs."

Schuring also told students that America's health care system is broken.

"We must have high-quality health care and to do that we have to change the delivery system. Right now it's an illness-care system, and we need to change that and focus more on preventative care," he said.

Schuring also said that educating our nation's students requires reevaluating previous plans.

"No Child Left Behind is meritorious, but it needs revisited from a funding standpoint. We're living in a knowledge-based environment worldwide and we have to compete. But we need to ask teachers in the Canton City Schools what works."

Speaking to those seniors old enough to vote, he said, "Our nation is at a crossroads. In Congress, I will offer fresh ideas and I'll work with Democrats and Republicans. You need a representative who understands the challenges we face."

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