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Kennedy Statement on Senate Bailout Bill


Location: Baton Rouge, LA


U.S. Senate candidate John Kennedy released the following statement regarding tonight's Senate bailout vote:

"Tonight's Senate vote to bailout Wall Street is an unprecedented breach of the taxpayer's trust. I cannot in good conscience support a proposal that puts taxpayers on the hook while failing to hold anyone accountable. By providing welfare for Wall Street, Washington politicians have now dug Americans into a far deeper hole. This is the Washington solution to every problem - borrow money. Both parties are to blame and their mistake will saddle the taxpayers with debt without preventing this from happening again.

Undoubtedly the government should step up and address this crisis, but this bill does nothing to address the problems of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or the abuses of Wall Street or overhaul our outdated regulatory system or lower tax rates that are keeping capital out of the market."

Washington is broken. Politicians first need to acknowledge their own mistakes in creating this mess before asking taxpayers to buy our way out of it."

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