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Kennedy Statement on Offshore Drilling Ban


Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Kennedy Statement on Offshore Drilling Ban

U.S. Senate candidate John Kennedy today released the following statement on President George W. Bush's announcement to lift the executive ban on offshore drilling:

"I fully support the President's decision to lift the executive ban on offshore drilling. Congress has not taken a single step toward reducing pain at the pump. It's time for Washington to stop talking and start acting to explore every domestic energy resource available. That is what Louisianans expect, and that's exactly what I will do as Senator."

"My opponent failed that test by casting the deciding vote in May against oil shale exploration in the West. In a stunning display of partisanship, Senator Landrieu admitted she did so at the request of her fellow Democrat Ken Salazar. If Mary Landrieu can't stand up to a fellow Democrat in the Senate, how will she ever stand up to Senator Barack Obama, whom she endorsed for President despite his clear opposition to domestic drilling?"

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