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Cantor Votes Against High-Spending Highway Bill

Location: Washington, DC

Eric Cantor today issued the following statement after voting against the Transportation Equity Act (HR 3550):

"I voted against the highway bill today because it forced Virginia taxpayers to send hundreds of millions dollars of additional money to Washington without getting our fair share returned and was a $283 billion bloated pork-barrel spending bill."

"Furthermore in two years, this bill will cost an additional $100 billion, since it includes a funding shut-off provision that will force Congress into deficit spending or increasing the gas tax. This provision effectively holds members of Congress hostage by threatening to halt transportation funding into their districts unless Congress approves a gas tax hike. In an era of $2.00 gas pump prices, there is no way I will vote now, or in the next two years, to raise gas taxes."

"The Seventh District's transportation priorities remain in this bill, which passed the House today. I will work with the Senate to send President Bush a bill that not only cuts wasteful spending, but also ensures that Virginia receives its fair share."

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