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Thanking Senators

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

THANKING SENATORS -- (Senate - October 02, 2008)

Mr. ALLARD. Mr. President, while the Senator from Idaho is on the floor, I made some comments earlier about the pleasure of being able to work with him in the Senate. I wish to also recognize the fine work he has done on energy. We certainly appreciate his work on that.

Colorado is an energy-rich State. We have all forms of energy, not only fossil fuels but also wind and solar and geothermal. I think Senator Craig has been very sensitive to those.

When working with the Senator from Idaho I felt like he truly had the Nation's interest in mind. It has been a pleasure for me to serve with Senator Craig, particularly on the Appropriations Committee. The Senator brought in a very competent staff and was himself extremely knowledgeable.

As we leave this institution, I wish to thank the Senator from Idaho for all the work he did to help me along with legislation. What a privilege it has been to be able to know Senator Craig and work with him in the Senate. Also, I wish to recognize the Senator's hard work in the Senate.

Senator Salazar was making some comments earlier on, talking about my retirement. I happened to have gone downstairs and grabbed a lunch and there he was. I also want the people of Colorado to know I have enjoyed working with Senator Salazar. We have not agreed on some of the national issues, but I think generally one thing we have agreed on is we need to work for Colorado.

I think we have truly been partners in that effort. I appreciated the opportunity to get to know you. I'm reminded that when Colorado came into the Union, in 1876--we are known as the Centennial State--the Republicans were pretty much in control of everything. You see, Colorado is a State that is recognized as a swing State, it swings back and forth between the Republican and Democratic Parties.

But at that particular time, there was a big effort to have a Senator from the north and a Senator from the south of our State. Similarly, today, I grew up about as far north as you can get in Colorado, Senator Salazar grew up about as far south as you can get in the State of Colorado. I think, at least in the spirit, and certainly in geographic location, we have been able to represent all of the State of Colorado and deal with those issues in a civil and responsible way.

I wish to thank Senator Salazar publicly for his service to the State of Colorado and also want the people of Colorado to know I highly respect Senator Ken Salazar, who is sitting in the chair right now, for his dedication and the rich heritage he has in the State of Colorado. I have appreciated the opportunity to serve with Senator Salazar in the State of Colorado and I wish the Senator well in future years.

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