Hulshof: Voter ID Will Restore Faith in the Process

Press Release

By:  Kenny Hulshof
Date: May 8, 2008
Location: Columbia, MO

Measure makes it tougher to cheat

Kenny Hulshof is endorsing efforts in the Missouri Legislature to crack down on voter fraud. The state House passed a constitutional amendment yesterday that strengthens voter identification requirements.

"The foundation of our democracy is built upon the right to vote and choose our leaders," Hulshof said. "The integrity of something that fundamental to our system must be protected. The legislature should pass these reasonable reforms that will help ensure our election results are accurate and trustworthy."

HJR 48 would require voters to provide a simple photo ID to prove citizenship. The State of Missouri will provide a free form of ID to any qualified citizen who doesn't have access to traditional forms of photo ID.

"Missourians have to show their ID to get on an airplane or cash a check," Hulshof stated. "It is logical to provide similar proof of citizenship when it comes time to cast a ballot."

The vast majority of Missourians already possess the identification necessary to cast a ballot under the proposed law. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled such basic requirements were indeed constitutional.

"Missourians are embarrassed and outraged when they hear stories of dogs and deceased elected officials ‘registering' to vote," Hulshof said. "That is what makes these common sense reforms necessary and it is why I am confident that Missourians will strongly support this measure when it comes up for a vote. I urge swift passage of the voter ID bill."

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