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Letter to Constituents, Where I Stand


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Letter to Constituents, Where I Stand

Dear Vermont,

For most career politicians, a campaign platform is an agenda set by a party line. Often it is statement which glosses over the real issues concerning its constituents and encourages passive support. However, my background is as a community leader and computer programmer, not as a politician. As Governor, I would work for the interests of all Vermonters without being confined by party politics. My candidacy represents a cooperative discussion towards real change and I am relying on your participation, just as much as your support.

One issue that we can all agree on is that the cost of living is rising far faster than the earning power of the working families of our state. Since the advent of computers, the business world has developed a dazzling array of software that has improved work flow and collaboration amongst users. These are tools that could be helping everyone- young and old, rural and urban, conservative and liberal. As the years pass by, Vermonters are missing many opportunities to improve and enrich our local economy.

I am taking my deep love for Vermont and my community organizing skills to a state-wide level through the use of Internet collaboration. I consider my campaign platform to be "Interactive Democracy". My vision is that you will join the discussion, research the issues, and contribute your experience to our growing knowledge-base. The people of Vermont are smart and resourceful. We have already started taking individual and local community measures to solve these problems. All we lack is the leadership to build consensus and implement the solutions.

It is my sincere belief that interactive and transparent campaign processes are the type of leadership and political innovation that Vermonters are looking for. Below, I provide an outline for what I feel are some of the most important issues of concern facing Vermonters. Of course, you have your own opinions and I welcome them! If they are different than mine, so be it. It is only through debate that we come to resolution. And until we work out our differences, we will continue to be stuck in stale-mate politics.

I hope that we can continue to honor Vermont's independent spirit and sense of community pride as we move towards a more prosperous future. So, that when we emerge in November, you will no longer be asking the question "What is your platform?" but rather you will be energized to implement "our platform" that we have created throughout this process.

Spread the Word! Sam Young

Preparing for a 21st Century Economy
Quality high-speed Internet throughout Vermont
Distribution centers for competitive e-commerce industry for Vermont's artisan and farming businesses
Home-sourcing jobs
European tourism via direct flight to Burlington
Computer programming and technical training for business

Building a Youth Movement
Youth voting and civic participation
Computer programming and technical training
State-wide wireless Internet access so college grads can return home
Affordable housing and transportation

Returning Local Control
Responding to regional planning commissions for renewable energy
Property tax reform- repeal Act 60
Bring home the Guard!

Addressing Energy and Environment
Phase-Out VT Yankee and Invest in a Sustainable Energy Future
Funding for "Efficiency Vermont" to reduce energy needs
Food security and other agriculture demands
Collaborate with business leaders

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