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Statement from Senator Edward M. Kennedy


Location: Hyannis Port , MA

Statement from Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Senator Edward M. Kennedy tonight released the following statement on Senate passage of legislation to stabilize the economy and protect the jobs, homes and investments of everyday Americans:

"Tonight, the Senate took a major step to stabilize our economy. The bill is not perfect but it was important for the Senate to act to protect the everyday transactions that Americans take for granted - like using a credit card or an ATM - or getting a student loan or a car loan or a mortgage. It was important to act to protect homes and jobs and retirement security. And it was important to act to stabilize our financial institutions.

"There is still much more to do - like extending unemployment benefits and renegotiating mortgages - and we will be turning our attention to those issues. And there will be plenty of time to assess blame. But now is the time to act. The Senate has done so. I urge the House of Representatives to do the same."

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