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Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act

Location: Washington, DC



Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman from Texas for yielding the time.

You know, this has been such an interesting discussion that we have carried forth on this bill. It has lasted for weeks. And finally the majority decides they're going to do something about it. But you know, it really is a bait-and-switch-type issue with the American people because the American people are for drilling on American soil for American energy resources because they want to move to energy independence. They want to lower the price at the pump. And the bill that we have in front of us is not going to do that.

Indeed, Mr. Speaker, if you get into section 101 of this bill, what is it that you find right out of the gate, right from the start, what is it that the majority wants to do? And now bear in mind this bill never came to the Energy and Commerce Committee. It didn't go to the Energy Subcommittee. The 290 pages of this bill was dropped in the dark of night last night and brought to the floor today.

But in section 101 of the bill, what do you have? Putting permanently off-limits some of the richest reserve areas in the Outer Continental Shelf.

So it's like that situation where you want to give a little and take a lot, which is not appropriate when we have the price of gas in our States at all-time record highs today.

Other things that it does not do is to address renewables without tax hikes. If you want renewables, run the taxes up, is what the majority says, what the Democrats say. Oil shale exploration? Not going to do that. Arctic coastal plain, ANWR? Not going to do that.

If you want nuclear--in TVA and Tennessee, we're looking at a 20 percent electric rate hike. But this bill would make it more difficult for expanding nuclear. There's nothing in there for emission-free nuclear. And we know that our rates are going up 20 percent. We know that moving from hydroelectric to nuclear is an imperative for us.

I encourage my colleagues to vote this bill down and vote for the American Energy Act, all-of-the-above.


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