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My Goal is to Save America


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My Goal is to Save America

My goal is to save America and make it a democracy again. I witnessed a person with the highest clearance (a family memeber) and high up in the NSA tell me the names of the people involved with the 911 attack in march of 2001 in Washington D.C... They were talking about helping Ramsi Yousef (responsible for the 93 bombing at the world trade center)from the NSA secret prison in Alexandria VA call his uncle Kolid Sheik Mohammed (considered.the mastermind of the 911 attack) and they were talking about flying planes into buildings. I never heard the dates or the names of the buildings and i never thought anything wouldever happen. But on September 10, 2001 i was told to go the world trade center on September 11, 2001. My first day in a new office. I was told not to be late. I was late. Thank god. The NSA did the 911 attack and in doing so has made us a communist country. The NSA wanted the oil in Iraq, which is the second largest oil reserve in the world, and as long as there is civil war and mayhem in Iraq, the us controls the oil. If the us pumps out 1million dollars of oil a minute from Iraq, it will take aprox 2 ½ years to get out 1 trillion dolllars of oil. There is over 4 trillion dollars of oil in Iraq which means it will take approximately 10 years to get the oil out of Iraq. If the Iraq government gets their act together, it will want control of its oil. By the NSA doing the 911 attack, it was able to put fear in the American people and get the patriot act passed which trashes our constitution. Certain powerful people in the NSA told me that the electronic voting machines can be hacked into and the vote changed within seconds. If we do not have our vote, then we are not a democracy. . I was one of the top people at Morgan Stanley s roadshow desk and brought the following companys public: aol, netscape, donna karan, lucent technology, gnc, renault, harvey nichols, barnes&noble ,medimune and numerous others. The NSA put people on the planes and in the buildings. They wanted to get rid of. The pilots, flight attendants were NSA. Half the firefighters they put in the building were NSA. Now they are getting rid of 20,000 first responders. 80 percent are sick. Please tell everybody you know please mail contributions to above address please follow federal election rules please e mail me ___________________________________________________________ I am so determined to take back america that i am one of the first people in the history of America to run for president of the united states and u.s. senate at the same time. Not only did the nsa arrange the 911 attack they have ruined our democracy. Our constition has been destroyed. We have lost our civil liberties and civil rights. Our right to privacy with the patriot act. The patriot was presented to congress 4 days after the 911 attack and passed. The patriot took away our 4th amendment. Our voting machines can be hacked into. We dont have a fair election. I can't get any media coverage because the government controls a large portion of our media. I was on channel 12 in N.J. the local cable company. They edited out every word i said about the us govt arranging the 911 attack. Not only that i have a letter from security international( a private security firm) saying that my car is bugged. I have also gone over my house and the house is also bugged . People are telling me that my e mails aren't going through. I have given codes to certain people so when they speak to me they know that they are speaking to me. The people are telling me when they call me the codes aren't matching. All the dooorman and security guards in my building have told me thay are working for the NSA. Thay say they are under orders by the NSA to stop people from coming over to my apartment. This has put my campaign at a major disadvantage. This is not a fair election. If we don't have a fair election then we have lost our democracy. And the fact that can't get the word out in the media is a violation of our 1st amendment. Freedom of speach. If i win the election we will get our democracy back. We will make sure our voting machines give receipts and that we put a copy of the receipt in a box next to the electronic machines, and have them counted separately and compared. Check and balances. We will get rid of the patriot act. We will get our freedom of speech back. I will not give up until america knows the truth and we become a democracy again.

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