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Treatment of Farms With Limited Base Acres

Location: Washington, DC

TREATMENT OF FARMS WITH LIMITED BASE ACRES -- (House of Representatives - September 24, 2008)


Mr. HOLDEN. I thank the gentleman for yielding, and I thank the gentleman for his leadership as well as the gentleman from Kansas (Mr. Moran) and the ranking member, Mr. Goodlatte, and Chairman Peterson.

This is a pretty timely debate, Madam Speaker. I just came from a meeting with Deputy Secretary Conner about this very issue. The deputy secretary said that he would like to be helpful and Secretary Schaeffer would like to be helpful. They're just having difficulty struggling with the legal interpretation of what ``congressional intent'' was.

So it's very important that we pass this legislation today by as strong a vote as possible. The deputy secretary promised to go back and look and see if there's a way they can interpret it for what I told him that was my understanding of what congressional intent was.

I remember that evening in conference when the gentleman from North Carolina offered an amendment and a discussion came about. It was pretty clear to me, and I think everyone else in the room, that it was the intent of the conference to have this be in the aggregate. We're still having difficulty working with the department, as I mentioned. They just promised me 10 minutes ago to continue to work on it.

But I think one way that we can send a clear message is to pass this bill tonight by as overwhelming a vote as we possibly can and send it over to the Senate.


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