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Peterson: Pennsylvania Must Consider ALL Options to Fund Road and Bridge Repairs, Even if it Puts the Turnpike Commission Out of Business

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

After learning that Pennsylvania Transportation Partners have rescinded their $12.8 billion offer to operate and maintain the Pennsylvania Turnpike, U.S. Representative John E. Peterson, R-Pleasantville, issued the following statement:

"Yesterday's announcement that Pennsylvania Transportation Partners has rescinded their offer to lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike is the latest example of the lack of legislative leadership in Harrisburg.

"For our legislative leaders to simply brush aside - and not even consider - the Governor's Turnpike lease option in an effort to save the patronage ridden Turnpike Commission and continue to line the pockets of friends and family is appalling.

"However, what I find most troubling is leadership's reasoning for not considering the Turnpike lease option. After more than five months to review and debate this proposal, leadership claims there was not enough time on the legislative calendar, and some have referred to it as a ‘fire sale'. Both claims could not be further from the truth.

"In today's economy the chance of any future bid coming close to the $12.8 billion that Pennsylvania Transportation Partners offered is slim to none. Once again, the scandal ridden Turnpike Commission managed to prevail because of the lack of leadership and moral compass in Harrisburg.

"Let me remind the people of Pennsylvania of the boondoggle called Act 44 and the attempt to toll Interstate 80. There was not one oversight or field hearing conducted nor was there an economic impact or diversion study commissioned prior to its passage. Yet, leadership rushed this terrible legislation through in the dark of night, in an effort to expand the power of the least respected agency in Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

"It's time for Harrisburg to get back to the people's work and find a viable solution to the looming transportation funding crisis. Use highway dollars for highways and allow for open and honest debate on all legislation - even if it puts the Turnpike Commission out of business."

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