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Congresswoman Sutton Votes for Energy Independence

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congresswomen Betty Sutton (D-OH), voted in favor of H.R. 6899, the Comprehensive Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act. This legislation helps end our dependence on foreign oil and moves America towards a new energy future. This comprehensive legislation passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 236 - 189. Congresswoman Sutton released the following statement:

"The people in my District and all across our great Nation understand that we cannot continue with the same failed Bush-Cheney energy policies. While these policies have greatly increased the profits of oil companies, they have crushed American families with the price at the pump. The American people know we need to move forward and we cannot continue to pay lip service to renewable and alternative energy. By passing this comprehensive energy legislation, we are pushing forward towards a new energy policy that will work for American families, both in the short and long-term.

The Comprehensive Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act will open the Outer Continental Shelf, which has been under a Congressional moratorium since 1982, the very year John McCain was first elected to Congress. However, this is only one of the many provisions in this comprehensive energy bill. The American people understand that we cannot just drill our way to energy independence and that we must encourage real investment in renewable and alternative energy initiatives. With this American-owned, 21st century energy policy, we make the necessary investments in these sources, creating 15% of our electricity from renewable sources and hundreds of thousands of new, good paying jobs in Ohio.

Our bill also looks out for America's families by requiring oil companies to pay the royalties that they owe to the American people and ending the unnecessary subsidies the companies receive. This comprehensive legislation expands drilling in Alaska, but bans the export of this oil so it will be available for the American people. And our bill will temporarily release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which will increase the supply of oil to immediately lower prices at the pump.

And, while some would like us to only drill, we understand that we must do more to build an energy independent future. In my District, we are working towards innovative solutions to meet our energy needs. From Akron to Lorain, universities and businesses are researching, developing, and marketing renewable and alternative energy solutions.

Looking for fuel cells? Look throughout Northeast Ohio from the University of Akron to Case Western Reserve University and Stark State College. Looking for innovative components for wind turbines? Look in Avon. Looking for a way to turn biomass into electricity? Look in North Ridgeville. Looking to turn industrial waste heat into electricity? Look in Akron at a new start-up in the Akron Global Business Accelerator.

Our forward-looking bill rejects the same old answers that have led to this crisis. Years and years of mismanaged and harmful energy policies that were written by oil men and for oil companies, have worked well for the oil industry, but have left our families behind. With the Comprehensive Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act and other legislation we are taking our nation's energy policy in a new, clean and independent direction.

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