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Tiberi Calls Democrats' Energy Bill a Sham, Calls for 'All of the Above' Approach to Energy

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH) today released the following statement regarding the Democrats' No-Energy bill, H.R.6899 scheduled to be voted on Tuesday:

"Don't let them fool you, the Democrats' energy bill doesn't encourage drilling for oil and natural gas, it actually limits energy exploration. It would permanently prohibit us from tapping nearly all of our most promising off-shore oil and natural gas fields. I find it hard to believe that the drilling this bill does permit would actually produce energy, because this bill doesn't include revenue-sharing between federal and state governments. What incentive is there for state legislatures and state governors to allow drilling off their shores if they don't see any benefits?

"Democrats say this bill is a compromise. It's a compromise between members of their own party, not between Republicans and Democrats. Don't let them fool you, there's nothing bipartisan about this bill. In fact, as Republicans began examining it when it was made available late last night, we noticed that Democrats included a $1.2 billion earmark for a New York City train station in the bill. An earmark in a bill that's supposed to be about American energy production. Ridiculous!

"This ‘comprehensive' energy bill is anything but comprehensive. It does include some incentives for some alternative fuel development, which supporters of this bill will point out. But what it doesn't include is far more glaring. Not only does it limit drilling, it blocks increased clean, safe nuclear power production, it does nothing to encourage clean coal production, and does not include plans to build new refineries. In fact, the bill includes strict energy mandates that will increase energy prices for Ohio families and businesses.

"This bill is a sham. Don't fall for the Democrats' latest energy bill. We need a true ‘all of the above' approach to American energy production in order to lower energy prices and put us on the road to energy independence, and this bill isn't it."

Note: Congressman Tiberi supports the ‘all of the above' approach that includes increased American production of both traditional and alternative fuels and increased energy efficiency measures. He is a cosponsor of the American Energy Act, H.R.6566.

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