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Drilling in ANWR

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

DRILLING IN ANWR -- (House of Representatives - September 18, 2008)

Mr. LATTA. Madam Speaker, the time to act is now. After we've seen the devastation of the hurricanes in the Gulf Region, it's time for this Congress to act and to allow drilling and to permit drilling in ANWR.

What is ANWR?

ANWR is 19 million acres in Alaska. We're talking about a section that was set aside in 1980 by Congress of about 1.5 million acres. Where the oil is, about 10.3 billion barrels, all we're really looking at is about 2,000 acres. To put it in perspective, it's about 3.5 square miles. We've got to get in there and get it now. Why? Because we can be bringing out 1 million barrels of oil down that 800-mile pipeline to serve this country, and we've got to make sure that this country can still be a manufacturing giant in the world.

Next year, we lose our manufacturing status to China. If we don't have the energy to run our factories, to fuel our vehicles, to run our trucks or to run our tractors, this country is going to fail.

If you look at this, you're only talking about a pin drop when you're talking about this area. It is time that we act. It is essential. If we don't get it done now, this country is going to fail.

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