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Energy Plan

Location: Washington, DC

ENERGY PLAN -- (House of Representatives - September 16, 2008)

Mr. JORDAN of Ohio. Mr. Speaker, America is the greatest Nation in history with the greatest economy in history, a $14 trillion annual economy. To remain the number one economy, we need a real energy plan, not a sham. To help families across this country, we need a real energy plan, not a sham.

Here is the Democrat plan: no real offshore drilling; no drilling in ANWR; no nuclear power; no lawsuit abuse reform; no revenue sharing with the States. But you know what is in the plan, tax increases. Think about that. At a time when we want our economy to grow, they are raising taxes. At a time when we need more oil, they are going to tax the very people who produce the oil.

This is a terrible plan. It doesn't help our economy stay number one. It won't help American families, and that is why we should vote ``no'' on the Democrat plan and support the Republican plan that does the right things for our country.

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