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Tribute to Senators

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

TRIBUTE TO SENATORS -- (Senate - October 02, 2008)

Mr. HAGEL. Mr. President, I would like to begin my remarks this afternoon acknowledging four of our colleagues who will be leaving the Senate along with me at the end of this Congress, the 110th Congress, and then make some additional comments.


Mr. President, this body will lose two of the most respected, highly regarded consensus builders in the history of this body. I speak of the senior Senator from New Mexico, Mr. Domenici, and the senior Senator from Virginia, Mr. Warner. Between the two of these distinguished national leaders, they have given the Senate and this country 70 years of service.

Most Americans are aware of Senators Domenici and Warner and the contributions they have made. Those of us who have had the privilege of serving with these two individuals know what they have meant to our country. They have been role models, leaders, men of conscience, of vision, of integrity, of courage. And all of those most-valued human characteristics have been evident when America has needed them most.

For their voice and their courage and their vision, we thank them. For the kind of men they are, and the Senators they have been, we thank them. We are all much enriched by our association with Senators Warner and Domenici, and this country will miss them greatly.

But they leave strong legacies. They leave men and women who have been touched by their leadership and their values who will carry on behind them, emulating their leadership and their vision.


Mr. President, I wish also to recognize one of my classmates with whom I came to the Senate 12 years ago. He is our neighbor from the West, the senior Senator from Colorado, Wayne Allard. Aside from Senator Allard and Colorado usually taking Nebraska's water, we find little to quarrel with in the kind of work that Senator Allard has done for his State and our country.

I have had an opportunity to serve 12 years with Senator Allard on the Banking Committee. His very steady performance and leadership will be missed on that committee, as well as on the other committees he has served and has been very active, as my colleague in the chair knows, who served with him as well on the Armed Services Committee. His leadership on the Budget Committee in particular will be missed. I wish to acknowledge that friendship and that leadership of Senator Allard.


Mr. President, the fourth Member of the Senate who will be leaving along with me will be the senior Senator from Idaho, Larry Craig. I have had an opportunity to work with Senator Craig over the years on environmental issues, energy issues, trade issues, agricultural issues. There have been few who have been as forceful and important a voice on behalf of those critical challenges to our country.

Senator Craig, Senator Allard, Senator Warner, and Senator Domenici all leave the Senate a better institution for their service.

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