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Thanking Senators

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

THANKING SENATORS -- (Senate - October 02, 2008)


Mr. CRAIG. Mr. President, before the senior retiring Senator from the State of Colorado leaves, let me thank him for his gracious comments. We have been a very good team and have partnered on a lot of issues over the years because we have such common interests in mind. Our States are very similar in so many ways.

The State of Colorado happens to have the hydrocarbons we do not have, when it comes to gas and oil. But at the same time, agriculture, water and timber, tourism, and all the great things many people attribute to the West are embodied in the State of Colorado and certainly in the State of Idaho.

But a very special thanks to Senator Allard for your fine comments. The work the Senator has done on behalf of his State is precedent setting. I hope--I know--the Senator will be continually recognized for that.

But let me also say the Senator and his wife Joan have become good friends of both my wife Suzanne and I. Those are the kinds of friendships that build partnerships in the Senate. I hope other Senators recognize the Senate works well when Senators are friends and partners.

Now, we may have our disagreements along the way, and there may be some disagreements between Democrats and Republicans, but when the collegiality of the Senate leaves, the Senate no longer works or works as well as it should on behalf of our citizens. Certainly, the collegiality between the Craigs and the Allards has been longstanding and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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