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The American People Deserve Better

Location: Washington, DC

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER -- (House of Representatives - September 16, 2008)

Mr. CHABOT. Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong opposition to this sham, no-energy energy bill, and want to express my deep disappointment that once again, this House is missing an important opportunity to lower gas prices, and make our Nation more energy independent.

After reviewing this bill, it's clear that the majority never really intended to open the Outer Continental Shelf to energy exploration. Instead, this bill would permanently keep off-limits 88 percent of our offshore oil and natural gas reserves.

Let me tell you some of the other failings of this bill. It fails to open up more of the energy rich Gulf of Mexico. It fails to make building refineries any easier. It fails to promote nuclear energy. It fails to boost oil shale development, and it fails to open the billions of barrels of oil now off limits in ANWR.

What this bill will do is raise taxes that will surely be passed along to consumers in even higher prices at the pump.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat, recently said it best. This bill is ``dead on arrival in the Senate.''

The bottom line is, this bill is a publicity stunt, and the American people deserve better.

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