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Congressman Kingston responds to Pentagon's request for Iraq war funding supplemental

Location: Washington DC

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the Pentagon asked Congress for an additional $25 billion to help fund the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congressman Jack Kingston (R/GA-1), a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement in response to the request:
"We owe it to the nation and to our troops to stick out this war and finish what we set out to do. We cannot leave this job half done."

"I have visited Walter Reed Hospital and have spoken with several wounded soldiers - they too expressed the sentiment that America must finish this job. Many were just back from the battlefields in Iraq. Each of their injuries had a story - a leg shot in a gun battle with Iraqi insurgents, an arm hurt when a humvee crashed while under attack, an eye lost to a homemade grenade thrown from a highway overpass"

Although each soldier I talked to gave a terrific sacrifice, every single one of them wanted to go back to war and fight. They fully understood the importance of sticking it out and finishing their jobs, even when times are the toughest.
Congress must follow their lead. We must complete the job we started out to do.

Although this is a tough-budget year, I am proud to give our troops the necessary resources to fight this war. In Washington we sometimes forget that democracy has a price - but Congress must not forget that the citizens of Iraq and our soldiers overseas are making tremendous sacrifices in the name of freedom. They truly deserve and depend on our support."

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