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Federal Railroad Safety Improvement Act of 2007--Continued

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

FEDERAL RAILROAD SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2007--Continued -- (Senate - September 29, 2008)


Mr. WARNER. Would the Senator yield?

Mr. CARDIN. I would be happy to yield to Senator Warner, who has been the real champion on this issue. I mentioned earlier in my remarks the tremendous leadership that Senator Warner provided in not only supporting this legislation and what he has done as far as regional issues in Washington but figuring a strategy so we could reach this moment. I congratulate him.

Mr. WARNER. I was simply going to rise to say that the portion of the legislation we voted upon relating to the Metro is derivative of your regulation which you, and I was privileged to be a cosponsor, Senator Webb was a cosponsor, Senator Mikulski, the four of us put in. So although it may not be the exact bill number, it is, in fact, building on the foundation you laid.

I thank you very much for that, as do all our colleagues, every one of whom have people who utilize this system, the whole Federal Government.

But the important thing is, the District of Columbia can look to the Senators from Maryland, Virginia, and indeed the Members of the Congress and the House of Representatives, from time to time, to serve its interests. This is one which is very important, if not vital, to our Nation's Capital. I compliment the Senator for his leadership. As I leave the Senate, whatever modest mantle I have in this area, I convey to you and to Senator Webb and Senator Mikulski.

Mr. CARDIN. Senator, you have been an inspiration to all of us on these issues and a model for how we should work together on regional issues. I congratulate you for a great record in the Senate.

Mr. WARNER. Thank you. I have been a lucky man.


Mr. WARNER. Mr. President, I thank my good friend and colleague from Delaware. You mentioned naval aviation. It requires an extraordinary person to go into that program to fly those aircraft. I believe yours was a P-2; was it not?

Mr. CARPER. It was a P-3.

Mr. WARNER. I remember that airplane. It flew many missions. Your primary mission was watching the Soviets, I repeat the Soviet Navy, and its submarines operating off the shore and was vital to our security, to track and know where those submarines were because they had missile armaments which could inflict great harm on this country.

So I commend you, sir, for your service and I humbly thank you for your remarks.

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