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Order of Procedure

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

ORDER OF PROCEDURE -- (Senate - September 29, 2008)


Mr. DOMENICI. Mr. Leader, I am not on the committee so I am not here with any rush from having written this or having spent time there. I just want to share with you my concerns.

I believe we are in a time situation that is of utmost importance. I believe the next 2 days could see many bad things happen that will be very harmful and irreversible for millions of people. The banking system and banks, financial institutions in the world during the next 3 days, even though they believe you, that we are going to pass this legislation--things can really happen to those that would not happen if we passed this legislation now. I just want to say I understand religious holidays and I understand the significance of the one you are speaking of. But I also believe--I think I understand what is happening out there and what is happening in the world, and 24 hours is enough time for many things to happen; 48 is too long.

Many things will happen which are detrimental and harmful. I urge you once again to repeat that you think we are going to pass this. I think it is important that we instill some confidence that we are going to get a right decision; that the delay is just an interim delay because it is unavoidable, at least you feel that way as leader of the Senate, but that we are going to pass it. If the world doesn't believe that, once the House passes it, a lot of our work will go for naught and a lot of things will happen that are not good. I am sure of that.

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