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Heath Haussamen on New Mexico Politics - Federal Candidates Share Views On Economy, Bailout

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Heath Haussamen on New Mexico Politics - Federal Candidates Share Views On Economy, Bailout

Most analysts agree that the United States is facing its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. With that in mind, I asked every federal candidate from New Mexico for statements on the financial crisis, the proposed $700 billion bailout plan and the steps that must be taken to ensure the financial stability of the United States.

Here are their responses:


Democrat Ben Ray Luján said there's no doubt that the economy is in trouble, "but we cannot be held hostage by a hastily developed proposal that lacks oversight and ignores working families."

"There are more questions than answers in the administration's proposal," he said. "It lacks scope and specifics. We should not hand the administration a $700 billion blank check without oversight in place."

Luján said a plan must protect taxpayers and must ensure that CEOs of bailed-out companies can't dump their stock and make millions in taxpayer money. It must also include accountability and safeguards and aim to keep people in their homes. In addition, Luján said the system "that put us in this position" must be reformed.

"Theses are serious times, and we must make sure that a proposal will get our economy back on track," Luján said. "We have to protect people, stand up to the failed economic policies that created our financial crisis, hold people accountable, protect taxpayers, provide more oversight and make sure federal regulators are doing their jobs."

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