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Judge Judy: Her Verdict Was to Support Taxing Seniors' Social Security Benefits

Press Release

Location: Columbia, MO

Judge Judy: Her Verdict Was to Support Taxing Seniors' Social Security Benefits

While Blaine Luetkemeyer has consistently voted for tax relief and has signed a national anti-tax pledge, Judy Baker has recklessly opposed tax relief for Missourians including a vote AGAINST freeing seniors from paying state taxes on their Social Security benefits.

"I believe that the hard-working people of the 9th Congressional District especially our seniors should be allowed to keep more money in their pockets rather than turn it over to Judy Baker's liberal friends in Congress with a knack for funding pork barrel projects," Luetkemeyer said. "There is a clear contrast between my dedication to fiscal responsibility and Judy Baker's tax-and-spend approach to government including her unwillingness to give Missouri seniors a tax break."

Baker was also one of only 22 lawmakers to vote against Social Security tax relief in 2007 that ultimately became law and will save elderly Missourians more than $128 million per year in taxes. And while Luetkemeyer supports making permanent the 2001 and 2003 tax relief measures, Baker does not.

As a Democrat, Baker's friends in Washington have already been busy trying to raise taxes. During the first year of the 110th Congress, Democrats passed $250 billion in tax hikes. And there's more to come. Nancy Pelosi wants to pass a $1 trillion-plus tax hike, the largest in our country's history.

"Judy Baker's reckless support for higher taxes on seniors is a clear indication that she will embrace the Democrat tax-and-spend agenda while Blaine has vowed to fight higher taxes and that's significant in this race," said Paul Sloca, Luetkemeyer's spokesman.

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