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Thompson to Gorman: Stop the Distortions, Start With Yourself

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Thompson to Gorman: Stop the distortions, start with yourself

Conservative Republican congressional candidate and former Chamber President Jeff Thompson today called on Chris Gorman and the paid operatives in his campaign to stop distorting the truth about fellow Republican candidates and to start telling the truth about Chris Gorman.

"It is apparent that desperate candidates and desperate campaigns will do desperate things to try to win at all costs," Thompson said. "With more than $750,000 dollars of family money loaned to his campaign as of weeks ago, it is apparent that my opponent has decided there is nothing he won't do in an attempt to be elected. He is trying to buy a seat in Congress when his credentials can't earn it."

A round of telephone calls were initiated by the Gorman campaign before the scheduled Sept 4 election which, upon voters telling the caller they were supporting a different candidate, ended with a distortion of the records and lives of Thompson and John Fleming. With the rescheduled Oct 4 election date, there has been a new round of similar telephone calls distorting the truth and misleading the voters of this district. Many supporters advised me of the recent telephone calls.

"We have also learned that in addition to paid callers distorting the facts, that Gorman has been utilizing paid bloggers, many using aliases or hidden identities, to spread not only distortions about my campaign and that of the other Republican candidate, but also attempting to artificially inflate Gorman's accomplishments, experience and education," Thompson said.

A review of the literature, correspondence, website and advertising from the Gorman campaign prompts the following "RESUME and FACT CHECK" questions which every voter should be asking of Gorman:

• When did Gorman move to Louisiana and register to vote here? From the press releases and website dating from the "exploratory" stage of his candidacy, and on his official website until recently changed, Gorman indicated to voters he moved to Louisiana in 2003. (see He only recently changed his website to reflect 2004. Public records reflect he registered to vote here in late 2005. Where was he and where did he vote in 2003, 2004 and 2005?

• Why is Gorman distorting his education and where is his Masters of Business Administration degree? From the earliest days of his campaign ( to his current website and in very recent mailings to the voters he indicated he has a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University. A Masters of Business Administration requires an admissions test (GMAT) and a very competitive admissions process. Academic credit hours are earned in the classroom towards the advanced degree. What year did Gorman graduate? (See )

• When Did Gorman register as a Republican, and why did HE give money to a Democratic congressional candidate? Despite much rhetoric and advertising about being a "core conservative" and invoking Ronald Reagan as his equivalent, it is true that he only recently registered as a Republican in Louisiana in September 2005. He is distorting the facts about Thompson's loyalty as a Republican, but it was Gorman who contributed $1,000 to the Democratic congressional candidate J. Keith Butler in Oklahoma. (The donation may be viewed at under Butler's individual contributions as # 22990349173) Why isn't he telling the truth?

• What jobs has Chris Gorman created? In his advertising Gorman claims to have personally created 500 jobs and to have the "business experience" necessary to serve in Congress. In his literature and website he asserts his father's trucking company expanded by 500 jobs since 2003. He is not now and never has been President, CEO or Chairman of the Board of that company. (see and view the company newsletters under "Employee Center" and then select "Tango Talk" with the column "From the Gormans" in which Chris Gorman is noticeably absent, Since we now know Chris Gorman only moved to Louisiana in 2005, and that he has been a full time candidate for Congress in 2008, how many of those same 500 jobs did he really create?

"Obviously the Gorman camp has realized that Gorman is way behind and not going to make the run-off election." Thompson said. "Why else would he be attacking everyone else?" Thompson further provided: "Mudslinging and distortion may by Chris Gorman's way of doing business, but for the rest of us in the 4th Congressional District, we've had enough dirty, old-style politics. Our votes are not for sale."

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