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Rep. Tom Allen: Defense Authorization and Appropriation Actions Reinforce a Commitment to Shipbuilding at BIW


Location: Washington D.C.

U.S. Representative Tom Allen issued the following statement on yesterday's actions providing funding for BIW-built surface combatants in defense authorization and appropriation bills passed by the House. The House passed a continuing resolution to fund federal government spending through March 2009 that includes a $1.5 billion appropriation to build a third DDG 1000 and a $200 million appropriation toward a new DDG 51. The House also approved a defense authorization bill for Fiscal Year 2009 that provides $2.5 billion for the third DDG 1000 and $350 million that the Navy can use to restart the DDG 51 program.

"Yesterday's actions demonstrate the commitment of the House to a vigorous, sustainable shipbuilding program that will ensure a steady workflow and maintain employment levels at BIW. The men and women at BIW are the finest shipbuilders in the world. They will build whatever vessels the Navy determines it needs to protect our nation's security. I will continue to work with Maine's congressional delegation and others in Congress to secure funding for ships that BIW will build."

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