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Issue Position: Preventing Emergency Disaster Fraud

Issue Position

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Steve"s View: "The worst kind of fraud is that which is perpetrated on victims of a disaster. Every tax dollar that is wasted through fraud and abuse only serves to deepen the crisis and prevent the necessary resources from reaching those who need it the most."

Congressman Chabot has supported efforts to bring emergency relief to victims of natural disasters. He has also been outspoken critic of those who commit fraud to steal much needed aid and has introduced legislation to punish those who commit such acts.

Emergency & Disaster Assistance Fraud Penalty Enhancement Act: On February 6, 2007, Congressman Chabot introduced H.R. 846, the Emergency & Disaster Assistance Fraud Penalty Enhancement Act of 2007, in response to reports of fraud and theft of aid meant for victims of Hurricane Katrina. H.R. 846 amends the federal criminal code to set forth criminal penalties for fraud in the acquisition of benefits, property or services in connection with an officially declared, major disaster or emergency.

Chabot's bill increases criminal penalties for engaging in wire, radio, television, or mail fraud in relation to declared a crisis and directs the U. S. Sentencing Commission to amend sentencing guidelines to increase penalties for those convicted of offenses in connection with a declared disaster.

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