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Issue Position: Defending America, Defeating Al Queda

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Defending America, Defeating Al Queda

John believes our soldiers and intelligence agencies need all of the tools necessary to keep America safe and win the war on terror.

John is fighting to provide our troops and intelligence agencies a modern and workable terrorist surveillance law that provides timely intelligence on terrorists worldwide and accurate information for our commanders on the ground. He has fought to ensure that America's generals are making battlefield decisions - not the 535 Members of Congress. And he is determined to provide our armed forces the resources they need in a timely manner. The last thing soldiers and veterans need - or deserve - is for Congress to hold their funding hostage to inside-the-beltway politics.

Defending America and providing our brave men and women with the tools they need to defeat our terrorist enemies is the most solemn duty of the federal government.

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