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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

If families in the 8th District have to balance their checkbooks, then so should the federal government. With each of us owing $30,000 to the record national debt, Congressman Murphy has fought to get our fiscal house in order. He believes it is immoral to leave our $9 trillion debt to our children. Since being sworn-in, Congressman Murphy has voted for massive cuts in government spending. All told, he has voted to cut $3 billion in government spending.

Congressman Murphy broke with his party twice and voted against the Democratic budget because it did not do enough to curb spending and guaranteed middle class tax cuts. He was successful in urging his colleagues to adopt "pay-as-you-go" (PAYGO) rules, which means Congress must identify how it will pay for legislation before voting on it. Through this important step, we can stop Congress from adding to our already enormous national debt that we owe to countries like China and Mexico.

One way to gain control over runaway federal spending is to make government accountable for how it spends taxpayer dollars. Congressman Murphy helped cut by almost half the amount of money spent on non-project earmarks - reducing the amount spent on earmarks by $7 billion. He also introduced legislation to stop as much as $55 billion in wasteful government overpayments each year.

With costs rising across the board from fuel to food, Congressman Murphy also believes that middle class families need a break. Congressman Murphy has cosponsored over two dozen tax cuts - including property tax relief, child tax relief and small business tax relief.

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