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Issue Position: Iraq

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Iraq

As a Captain with the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq, Congressman Murphy saw first hand the results of President Bush's failed foreign policy. He understands that we have lost focus on al-Qaeda because we are bogged down refereeing a religious civil war in Iraq at a cost of $3 trillion to the American public. The Iraqi government is still sitting on the sidelines while American soldiers are doing the heavy lifting five years into the war.

Congressman Murphy believes that we need to set a 16-month timeline to bring our troops home from Iraq. Setting a timeline would tell the Iraqis that it is time to get off the sideline and take responsibility for the security of their country. It would also allow us to refocus on defeating al-Qaeda, which has reconstituted itself in Afghanistan and along the border of Pakistan.

Since being elected, Congressman Murphy has been one of the most outspoken advocates for a change of direction in Iraq. He has repeatedly helped pass legislation that would bring our troops home and give us the resources we need to go after terrorist safe havens in Afghanistan. Although these efforts were blocked by President Bush and pro-war Republicans, Congressman Murphy will continue to fight for a new direction in Iraq and timeline to bring our troops home.

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