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Why Ed Chau is Running for U.S. Congress


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Why Ed Chau is Running for U.S. Congress

For many years, I placed my trust in our government to protect us and to make the correct decisions for us. I trusted that our lawmakers would conduct affairs in a legal and ethical manner; I trusted that they would carry out the wishes of the people and in their best interests.

As I began to pay close attention to our current government and its policies, I discovered that we are going in the wrong direction. We have seen a number of law makers engaged in illegal and/or unethical conduct; many of them acted in their self interests. We also have a government that relied on selected intelligence to justify a pre-emptive war. We have a government that would allegedly, retaliate, against one of its own by intentionally leaking confidential information. We have a government that would destroy important interrogation information in defiance of court orders. Not too long ago, we had a US Attorney General who, allegedly, placed partisan politics ahead of the administration of justice, someone who removed prosecutors who were faithfully discharging their duties to fight corruption; we had someone who would ignore the Geneva Convention on Tortures, and appointed immigration judges with no immigration law background, but with the preferred party objectives and affiliation.

I am running as a Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress to address four major issues:

1. Fighting Corruption and Restoring Ethics & Integrity to our Government
2. Ending the War in Iraq
3. Improving our Education System
4. Supporting Working Families

We also need to address issues regarding veterans, health care, immigration, global warming, economy, alternative energy and protecting our environment. I am a strong supporter of Labor Unions and working families. Labor Unions fought for and earned basic rights for American workers and helped build the middle class.

It is time for change in Washington. I can no longer sit silently. We have a responsibility to secure a strong and free America. I want my child to grow up in an America that she can be proud of. I am running for Congress to restore ethics and integrity to our government, I want to help CLEAN HOUSE. I'm in favour of more transparency with our government officials. I'd like to continue to improve our education system to help students to realize their greatest potentials. We need to fix the No Child Left Behind and IDEA laws. We need to increase math and science teachers, especially in low-income school districts. We need to make our students globally competitive. I want to End the War in Iraq immediately. So far, we have lost More than 4,000 of our troops, and many who returned are believed to be suicidal; many families have been broken because of the war. By the year 2008, the accumulative cost of the war in Iraq alone will surpass the $600 billion mark - more than the Korean War and nearly as much as the Vietnam War. I say that's enough, we need to stop it.

Please join me in restoring honesty, integrity and accountability to Washington and to fight for the issues that are important for the people of California's 42nd District. It's time for change.

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