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Energy Crisis

Location: Washington, DC

ENERGY CRISIS -- (House of Representatives - July 30, 2008)

Mr. KLINE of Minnesota. Madam Speaker, day after day, we come to this floor to address the important issues facing our Nation. A quick review, however, of the last few weeks shows we have voted on new names for post offices and to congratulate our sports teams. But Congress has not taken any real steps to address the rapidly rising price of gasoline and ease American's pain at the pump. And apparently, House Democrats again are not going to let Members vote to ease that pain.

This month, I have been touring energy facilities in Minnesota's Second District that highlight a variety of new, clean and reliable sources of energy being produced right there in Minnesota. I visited a hydropower plant on the Mississippi River in Hastings, a nuclear power plant in Welch, an energy-from-waste in Red Wing, an oil refinery in Rosemont, a wind turbine in Northfield, and an electric-generating facility in Faribault.

Madam Speaker, I visited all of these energy producers to learn more and to illustrate that we need an ``all of the above'' energy plan and we need to enact it now. Congress should not adjourn for 5 weeks of vacation and politics without dealing with the number one issue in the minds of the American people, high energy prices.

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