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John Kline: We need a Comprehensive 'All of the Above' Energy Plan

Location: Washington, DC

Minnesota Congressman John Kline, who for months has been calling for a vote on the "American Energy Act," spoke on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives today in opposition to a Democrat energy bill that blocks job-creating energy production on Alaska's North Slope, in the Inter-Mountain West, and on 88 percent of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

To view video of Congressman Kline's speech, click here.

The American Energy Act, of which Congressman John Kline is a co-sponsor, includes expanded offshore drilling and new refinery capacity; the Democrat plan does not. The American Energy Act includes increased renewable energy without tax hikes; the Democrat plan does not. The American Energy Act includes clean coal; the Democrat plan does not. The American Energy Act opposes energy tax increases and electricity price increases; the Democrat plan does not. The Democrat bill does nothing to advance nuclear power.

"We haven't built a new nuclear plant in this country for years and we never will if we adopt this plan," Congressman Kline said. "We need a comprehensive ‘all of the above' plan."

The American Energy Act would lower gas prices by increasing production of American energy, promote more conservation and efficiency, and encourage the use of more alternative and renewable fuels.

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