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John Kline: Give Americans Equal Time on Energy

Location: Washington, DC

Joined by colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman John Kline this week continued a historic energy demonstration by remaining in a darkened chamber to protest majority leadership's continued refusal to vote on the "American Energy Act" (H.R. 6566). This legislation, which has bipartisan support, would lower gas prices by increasing production of American energy, promote more conservation and efficiency, and encourage the use of more alternative and renewable fuels.

"On Friday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi had the gavel come down, the cameras shut off, and the microphones unplugged, trying to silence the debate the American people deserve to have on getting a comprehensive ‘all of the above' energy plan," said Congressman Kline. "We continue to demand that the Speaker of the House give the American people a vote on the American Energy Act."

In August, while Congress was not in session, Congressman Kline heard from constituents that the number one issue on their minds was the need for relief from the high cost of gasoline, diesel fuel, and natural gas. Unfortunately, upon returning to Washington earlier this week, Congress' first order of legislative business was to name two courthouses. This week, rather than giving the American people what they want by voting on comprehensive energy legislation that provides an "all of the above" approach - including expanded offshore drilling - majority leadership announced its plans to introduce a bill that includes massive tax hikes and more of the same, failed energy policies.

In his third term in Congress, Congressman Kline is a member of the House Education & Labor Committee, the Ethics Committee, and the Armed Services Committee.

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