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Congressman Kline returns to Washington, asks for energy reform Americans want

Location: Unknown

Congress ended its five-week break today - a stretch that saw Congressman John Kline and his colleagues conduct an unprecedented revolt on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and in communities across the country against majority leadership's decision to adjourn Congress without allowing a vote on the "American Energy Act."

The floor schedule set by majority leadership for the week ahead is once again devoid of any vote on comprehensive energy legislation, much less a vote on the "all of the above" energy reforms Americans want.

On the heels of their historic protest, Congressman Kline and several of his colleagues renewed their push for a vote on the American Energy Act, which would lower gas prices by increasing production of American energy, promoting more conservation and efficiency, and encouraging the use of more alternative and renewable fuels. Earlier today, on the Capitol steps, just outside the chamber where the nationwide gas prices protest began last month, Congressman Kline and colleagues demanded a vote on the American Energy Act, and pledged to work with the American people to hold majority leadership responsible if they continue blocking the plan.

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