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Blackburn Praises General for Job Well Done


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn Praises General for Job Well Done

General Petraeus and His Troops Brought Hope to Iraq

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) today congratulated General David Petraeus, Commanding General of Multinational Force Iraq, for a job well done. Petraeus handed over command of Coalition forces in Iraq to General Ray Odierno as he prepares to become the Commander of U.S. Central Command. In that role, he will oversee U.S. forces in the entire Middle East, including ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Blackburn came to know the General when he was Division Commander of the 101st Airborne based out of Ft. Campbell in Clarksville, TN.

"At his confirmation hearings, General Petraeus told the Congress that Iraq was ‘hard, but not hopeless.' The security gains that he and his forces made may still be fragile, but his hard fight has brought sorely needed hope to a country and people who needed it. Iraqis have hope for a secure future and America has hope for a major victory in the War on Terror. I congratulate the general on a job well done."

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