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Dole Discusses Transportation INfrastructure, Energy Security

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


In a Senate Banking Committee hearing today, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole discussed the important role of public transit in reducing our dependence on foreign oil and introduced Keith Parker, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Chief Executive Officer, who testified before the committee. Additionally, Dole highlighted her proposal for a bonding program that would provide $50 billion to the states for updating and building transit and other transportation infrastructure.

"Securing our energy independence is one of the greatest challenges facing our country; and we must commit to having all options on the table, including mass transit, which helps conserve energy," said Dole. "We need to throw everything and the kitchen sink at our energy crisis - improving conservation, investing in alternative and renewable energy, increasing production and ensuring market fairness."

Recently, Dole also has called on Congressional leaders to address the looming bankruptcy of the federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF). The U.S. Department of Transportation announced last week that there is only $1.4 billion remaining in the fund, which will not even sustain the government's obligations for the remainder of the month. Dole supports transferring $8 billion to the HTF from the general fund for a short-term fix until the system can be reformed in next year's highway reauthorization bill.

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