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Clyburn on Comprehensive Energy Bill for the 21st Century


Location: Washington, DC

Clyburn on Comprehensive Energy Bill for the 21st Century

House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn today commented on comprehensive energy legislation announced by Democratic leadership this week.

"This week the Democratic Caucus produced a home-grown, American-owned energy policy for the 21st century. This is the legislation America has been waiting for, laying out a smorgasbord of resources to address our energy challenges—it protects taxpayers and addresses high gas prices; expands domestic drilling offshore and on land; expands renewable sources of energy; reduces our dependence on foreign oil and strengthens our national security; requires Big Oil to pay what it owes American taxpayers and ends subsidies to Big Oil, denying them the ability to double-dip; and, most importantly, creates good paying jobs here at home.

"'Drill baby drill,' ‘drill here, drill now,' ‘drill only'—are not solutions; they are campaign slogans. The Republican Drill-only plan written-by and -for Big Oil, amounts to nothing more than a methadone treatment—it still leaves us addicted to foreign oil and continues to line the pockets of the oil companies. Americans want solutions, not political mud-slinging."

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