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Letter to Senator Orrin Hatch

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown

Letter to Senator Orrin Hatch

September 11, 2008.
Hart Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC.

DEAR ORRIN: Thank you for all of your work on the Serve America Act and your continued leadership on service issues. I am thrilled to be a partner with you on this critical legislation to expand domestic and international service opportunities for Americans of all ages.

I'm confident that together we will win broad, bipartisan support for this legislation in the new Congress. I am grateful for your commitment to work together to ensure the necessary funding to implement these initiatives and existing service programs. I am committed to working with you to achieve these goals while working within budget constraints and ensuring that all the spending in the bill is paid for with adequate offsets. It will require that the new Administration and new Congress make tough choices, but I think we can both agree that the benefits that will flow to those volunteering and those served will be worth it.

I am sorry that I cannot join you in New York for the National Summit and as always you'll represent our cause well. I look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to serve their communities and the nation, while tackling some of the greatest challenges of our day.


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