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We Need an Energy Vote on the House Floor

Location: Washington, DC

WE NEED AN ENERGY VOTE ON THE HOUSE FLOOR -- (House of Representatives - September 09, 2008)

(Mrs. BLACKBURN asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend her remarks.)

Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, we have all seen the dismal approval ratings the American people have given Congress. And who can blame them? My goodness, they have really grown so ill and fatigued of all the excuses they hear from our leaders. And that is why over the past 5 weeks, 137 Republicans have spoken here on the House floor in favor of American energy and in favor of solving this problem for the American people.

Although Congress was in recess and the lights were turned out and the microphones were off and the TV cameras were quiet, we brought our constituents onto this floor to demonstrate that we are willing and ready to go to work. And still, there is no vote, no vote scheduled on legislation to increase American energy development and to decrease our reliance on foreign oil.

Should Congress promote increased production of American energy? Should
we promote conservation and efficiency? Should we encourage the use of alternative and renewable fuels? The answer to all of the above is yes. That is why we need an ``all of the above'' energy strategy. We need a vote, Mr. Speaker. We need a vote on the House floor.

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