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Issue Position: Border Security

Issue Position

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Protecting the rule of law

"A great, sovereign country must secure and control its own borders. We must be a 'nation of laws' and that is why I oppose granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. We cannot reward millions of lawbreakers over people who follow the rules." - Charlie Dent

ImageIn Congress, Charlie has consistently supported these core principles when it comes to immigration and controlling our borders: Secure the border BEFORE implementing ANY kind of major immigration reform, and encourage innovative solutions to the problem of illegal immigration.

Charlie OPPOSES granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and has shown initiative and innovative leadership on this issue.

He has voted for hiring more Border Patrol agents, ending the policy of "catch and release", building more detention facilities, and constructing more fencing and implementing technologies designed to make the border more secure.

Charlie has introduced legislation that will allow for the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary organization of the United States Air Force, to use its aircraft to assist the Border Patrol in identifying illegal aliens who are trying to slip across the border (H.R. 1333). This bill passed the House of Representatives on June 18, 2008.

He also introduced a bill (H.R. 4201) that will make sure that illegal aliens who are arrested on state felony charges REMAIN IN CUSTODY while those charges move through the courts so they can be more easily located and deported.

Like you, Charlie knows it is wrong to ask U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill for illegal aliens who commit crimes in our country. That's why he joined his colleague, Representative Mike Castle, in introducing HR 5761 to impose strong sanctions on countries that refuse to take back their citizens, many of whom have committed crimes in the U.S. There are nearly 140,000 such individuals in America from 8 countries who are ready to be deported and who have valid removal orders against them. Charlie Dent's message to these countries is simple - take your citizens back or you will not receive any foreign aid dollars from America.

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