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The Deficit

Location: Washington, DC

THE DEFICIT -- (House of Representatives - September 10, 2008)


Mr. MURPHY of Connecticut. Thank you very much, my friend from Colorado. I am glad you brought up this issue that has come up today. Really you couldn't write this. You couldn't make a movie that was more salacious than the details that are being unveiled today in an article you referenced from the Washington Post regarding not only, it appears, monetary favors, gifts, meals, trips, but sex and drugs. This is a Hollywood blockbuster that is being unveiled here, and it is all on our dime.

What you are saying here is certainly relevant to the question of how we are running our energy policy in this country, that we have an administration that is so cozy to the energy industry that it is not just leases that are being negotiated, but apparently it is drugs and sexual favors being negotiated.

But what we are dealing with really here, Mr. Perlmutter, is a government run amuck. This is, I think, symptomatic of a much larger problem. We are talking here about the economic disaster that this administration has wrought, and you can calculate that in so many different ways: wages flat while GDP goes up; deficits running into the trillions of dollars.

But what we also have seen is an administration that just can't run government any longer. They are wasting our taxpayer dollars. Now, they also happen to be wasting all of the money that they are borrowing from foreign banks, but we are wasting a lot of our money too.

It is incredibly relevant that we are here trying to expose the economic disaster that the Bush administration has left us with that we are going to change with the new administration. It is relevant that we are also talking about this new revelation.

You have mentioned some of the details, but what we found in the Interior Department is what investigators call a ``culture of substance abuse and promiscuity.'' Nineteen oil marketers and other employers in the office are accused of having personal and sometimes sexual relationships with representatives of a group of favorite oil and gas companies from 2002 to 2006. Mr. Speaker, this is from the Washington Post story today.

This is what this government has left us with, an economy that is suffering, deficits that are rising, and a government that just doesn't work any longer, whether it is the misuse of our funds in Iraq. We discovered in the Government Oversight Committee that Mr. Welch and I serve on that $9 billion was wasted, unaccounted for at the beginning of the war, sometimes thrown out of pickup trucks in duffel bags and never, ever seen again. Or whether it is our response to Katrina and Rita, in which we left thousands, tens of thousands of residents helpless and hopeless. And now today we find that we have unbelievably inappropriate relationships between the government and the oil and gas companies seeking to lease our lands.

This is an economy that is in trouble because of the policies of this administration. This is a government which has simply fallen apart at the seams because of mismanagement. And it all speaks to the change we so desperately need. No more of the same.

John McCain's campaign, as we know, is run by the same crowd of lobbyists who have run the Bush administration for the last 8 years. We need a real change. This Congress with Democrats in charge has started it, but it comes to a completion this November. All of it stops, the mismanagement of this war, the disastrous response to natural disasters and these new revelations about the corruption still endemic in our government.


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