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WWL - "Assault weapons ban proposed"

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WWL - "Assault weapons ban proposed"

New Orleans Police Chief Warren Riley says he would like to ban assault rifles in New Orleans. When the state legislature meets for the regular session in a couple weeks, they'll consider a bill to restrict ownership of such firearms.

Already filed for the regular session is a bill from New Orleans East lawmaker Cedric Richmond that would require registration of weapons deemed assault weapons, and another bill to ban their sale.

"I like to hunt, I own a rifle, but I shouldn't own an AK-47. I shouldn't have an Uzi," said Richmond.

This comes after New Orleans Police Chief Warren Riley said his officers are being overwhelmed by criminals' firepower.

"Will this fix it? No, but it will drive the cost of those weapons up tremendously on the black market," Richmond said.

Richmond says he expects the gun lobby to fight his bills.

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