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Issue Position: Illegal Aliens


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Issue Position: Illegal Aliens

We can not continue to let the flood of illegal immigrants to threaten the American way of life. It is hard for us to turn away people who want to live here and have a better life, but to let them come is to change America forever. Our compassion for those less fortunate tells us to embrace all who wish to come here. That is just part of our culture, but if we do not change this way of thinking we will not be able to give ourselves a better life, let alone those of all the countries of the world. Americans are a generous people and we give large sums of money to those in need. We could give even more if our jobs paid more and were not being given to those who should not be here.

We are a country of laws and if we continue to make allowances for law breakers who sneak into America how can we tell our children they must follow the law? Should we then pick and choose the laws we follow simply because we may not agree with them? It would lead to chaos.

America took about 400 years to reach 300 million people; if the amnesty advocates have their way in just 20 years we could absorb another 100 million. Can we do it? I do not believe we can if we hope to maintain our standard of living. The illegal population is causing American wages to fall, unemployment to rise, and is creating suspicion of all those who speak with a foreign accent. The illegal aliens also send vast sums of money out of the country taking it out of our economy.

The illegal aliens do not come here to be Americans as seen by the recent protests where they were flying the Mexican flag above the American flag.

It is not only the open border to our south that has put us in danger but the north as well; although the south may be the more pressing. The many people who come here and overstay their visas also put us at risk. Terrorists and spies are sneaking in among the illegals.

Deporting illegal aliens immediately upon capture would be a discouragement to many and would encourage them to just stay in their own country. An illegal knows he is at risk of deportation and/or prison, hence, if he chooses to start a family, there is the possibility of separation. The news casts often show the sadness of losing a family member to deportation. It is hard, but it is the same for any person sentenced for a crime and taken away. Illegal aliens are not otherwise law abiding, either, because they lie to get the jobs Americans should get, they often have stolen or fake I.D. and are a drain to hospitals, schools and the general economy due to decreased revenues and money leaving the country.

The constitution gives citizenship to those under the juristiction of the United States. Foriegn countries are not under this juristiction so women crossing our border just to give birth does not give automatic citizenship to the baby. The 14th amendment was added to give citizenship to former slaves and give them the rights of citizens. It was not put there to give the children of illegal aliens the rights given to Americans.

Many in our government say we need to fix the problem by adding guest worker programs but we already have guest worker visas for those who can fill jobs there are no Americans to do. I worked with many foreign nurses who filled vacant positions. We could fill many of the other positions the President says Americans won't do if we stopped paying people to not work. Welfare recipients could clean houses and pick fruit. These are honorable jobs which I did myself at one time; and if we did our own work the wages for these types of jobs would go up instead of down.

Some solutions to illegal immigration would consist of tighter control of the borders which means a fence on the Mexican side, increased number of agents and surveillance cameras. Forbidding citizens from some countries to enter at all and be more vigilant of those staying on visas could help increase our security. Immediate deportation, fining employers and property owners who knowingly hire and rent to them, and putting an established amount of time required to apply for citizenship in the future, if ever, are also workable solutions.

The safety and security of our country are more important than any economic gain we perceive to be of benefit. We can no longer allow anyone to sneak into our country, whether they want economic benefits or whether they are planning terrorist attacks.

America is for Americans and our guests; no one else.

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