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Issue Position: Defense


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Issue Position: Defense

The cold-war is over!!! Hurrah!!! . . . , but we are now in a more dangerous world than when the Soviets were in power. There are more little countries that are capable of creating weapons of destruction and terrorism.

Many Russian soldiers have spoken about the selling of nuclear weapons to Iran and many small-time terrorists for what we would consider small amounts of money. These breaches in security have made themselves evident in the plutonium confiscated in Germany and in the out right sale of weapons to Iran and others.

It is not the time to believe that all the world can now live in peace and we should cut our defense budget.

If we appear to be weak the world would see great chaos, because our strength equals the safety of the world.

Our being the world's number one nation determines the way other countries conduct themselves. Imagine the conduct of the Soviet Union, China and Iran without American influence and then say that you don't believe our position is not an important one.

We must win the war on terror and let the military, not congress, fight this war.

To maintain our military readiness I would want to see that the money we need for research and development is in a large enough amount to implement the Strategic Defense Initiative and other antiballistic missile weapons to protect us from an accidental attack, or from countries with developing nuclear capabilities. The recent satelite China shot down is a reminder of our need for protection. We need to develop quality military vehicles and weapons to keep our fighting forces away from danger. With the untrained personnel and unknown weapons locations in the former Soviet Union, China's increased boldness and the anti-American sentiment in many countries, the idea of a possible attack no longer seems so far-fetched.

Our soldiers are the best in the world, our technologies are the best and our workers build the best military equipment. I wish to keep it that way.

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