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Issue Position: Education


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Issue Position: Education

We have the ability to have the best educational system in the world but, unfortunately, we have given up being the best for being the most "socially conscious".

I am all for the concept of public and private educational institutions but can not accept what has happened to them.

Outcome based education (OBE) and sex education are just two of the things I find most objectionable and, in part, because of these two things, had my children removed from school and home schooled them instead. I would have liked to have kept them in the public school system, of which I am a graduate, but the quality of the education is wanting.

So often children are being taught to have "feelings" about facts, such as history, and are not getting the truth. Instead they are being taught to be politically correct. Teaching children history by changing history to fit the desires of the National Education Association and not the history of fact does no service to our children. Grading on how students feel about history is a hard concept to believe, but it happens in many schools across the nation.

To not be able to pass to the next grade or graduate from high school without first passing a politically correct test that has nothing to do with facts or intellect is more like tyranny than education and is unsupported by knowledgeable Americans. These tests are very difficult for parents to obtain for review because those in charge do not want what they are doing to be exposed.

Statistically, we see that teaching kids how to have "protected" or "safe" sex has not decreased the incidence of pregnancy or STDs but has, instead, increased the numbers causing undo pain and suffering and a great financial cost to our society. However, the government bureaucrats continue to teach sexual activity by showing pornographic films and books, and distributing condoms to the students without parental consent. The entire sex-ed program has been a failure and should be completely removed from the educational system. It is up to the parents to decide whether or not to teach their children about sex, not the government. It is hard to continue one's education with a baby or illness. Government is supposed to protect the people not endorse dangerous behaviors.

Parents are the best ones to decide the educational needs of their children and the government has no right to usurp that authority. As a parent I feel we need to teach the children how to read, write, speak well, do math, understand the use of computers, learn historical facts, and be accountable for their behavior. Only then will we truly be competitive in a world market.

One way to help achieve this goal is school choice for any school, making our educational institutions more competitive, increasing quality while, at the same time, decreasing the unnecessary and propagandized instruction that many of our schools utilize now.

As a mother who home schooled, I would have liked to have been able to keep some of my tax money to educate my kids at home.

I fully support the idea of public education, but there must be some drastic changes made to the system to bring it back to the quality it once had. Then and only then can we once again be at the top of the list instead of close to the bottom in the education of our children.

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